Engage Media Display

As part of the “capstone project” of the HCI masters program my team worked towards the goal of improving the educational experience onboard the boat that Pittsburgh Voyager (now River Quest) used as a “floating classroom”. We created the Engage Media Display, which allowed instructors to randomly access images during a presentation by selecting pictures on a tablet and projecting them onto the displays embedded in the walls of the boat. At the time, tablet computers were unusual enough that most of the instructors we worked with had never seen one before. After collaborating with Pittsburgh Voyager and carefully studying students and instructors we developed a fully functional product that earned rave reviews from both instructors and our client.

Video demo of Engage (nee “On Demand Media Application”) functionality.

See the project website for more information or jump straight to our research findings and design process.

2006, Collaborators: Ricardo Marquez, Andy Tzou, Kayre Hylton, Jonathan Terleski